In September 2016, June 2014 and September 2017 and 2018 we ran open days when several Leicester households opened their doors to people to come and look around and ask questions about the changes they had made to make their homes and lifestyles greener.


For example: 1930s semi, Rowley Fields, LE3 2DB, BOOK OR DROP IN

  • External and internal solid wall insulation, also underfloor insualtion

  • Secondary, double, triple and cheap temporary DIY glazing

  • Rain water collection

  • Cheap DIY energy saving: draught stripping, pillow stuffing, letterboxes, chinking

  • Solar electricity¬†

  • Weekly records of gas and electric and PV generation meter

  • Living without a fridge, using seasonal veg, avoiding supermarkets

  • Living at low temperatures with a portable thermostat

  • Learning to ride a bike as an adult