We ran a low carbon food one day workshop in Winter 2011. It provided detailed information on what makes up the carbon footprints of foods, and skills and ideas for changing eating patterns.


“I found that the Low-Carbon food day delivered lots of information in a varied and fun way. The main ‘strands’ were: Discussing and evaluating different foodstuffs to see what impact they have on our personal carbon footprint (taking into consideration a wide range of factors, from original growing through processing, packaging and transport) and The ‘psychological’ aspects of our diet, such as how we feel about making potential sacrifices in what we eat to persuading others to also make changes. The facilitators complimented each others skills and knowledge well and the range of different activities seemed to me to make it easy for all of the attendees to learn, by addressing different learning styles. I very much enjoyed the day and, from my observations, I would say that all of the other attendees did as well." Steve, West Leicester.