The Green Festival of Making and Mending is 5 weeks away and last week I finally had my making moment.

Zina and I have been working relentlessly in the organisation of the festival and its pre-festival events to enthuse people to make and mend in an ingeneous, creative and more environmentally friendly way. The experience has taught me many skills, from communication to project management. I kept unfortunately my spirit away from engaging with the craft of making and mending.

The task appears to me challenging. I trapped comfortably myself away from needles and cissors for most of the years.

I was challenged to give it a go from time to time without enjoying completely the process:

christI made Christmas decorations out of junk mails. It was an awkward experience. My hands were shaky. My coordination between those and my brain uncertain. I was self-conscious on what people surrounding me will think.

banner2I was challenged to make the Green Festival of Making and Mending banner. My first attempt was an epic fail. I run to my baby sister and a colleague to make a more beautiful one. My confidence in asking grew and I learnt that it was OK to ask for help.

  • adbikeposterI was challenged in making posters and ad bike. I reminded myself the extent to which I enjoy painting and colouring. I accepted that it was OK to be slow compared to others. I took a bit of pride in what I was doing.

sanitThe 'Aha' moment happened last week though. I sew my first reusable sanitary towel. I truly enjoyed the making process. I took pride. I pursue the process til completion. After it, a lot of ideas sprung into my mind on all the things I could possibly make and mend. I am now confident that I CAN make it happen.


This Saturday, it is the Restart Party. I will replace my screen on my phone. The poor animal has a broken screen for now the last two months and I haven't been looking after it. I ordered a screen and I am bound to repair it because I now know that I can tinker the world around me with my hands into a better one. 


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