This Changes Everything was shown at the Phoenix in Leicester on Saturday 26th March.  The following piece is a reflection by Marie. We invite you to share your own too.  If you haven't watched it yet, you can organise your own showing of 'This Changes Everything' in your community, Global Justice Now Leicester and Footpaths have both viewing rights. You can contact them and they will happily share the DVD with you.


The room was full of people ready to witness images of people across the world fighting to live in a world where the land from which they sustain themselves from can be protected and cared for.


This Changes Everything documentary is a snapshot of the battle between capitalism and climate, between capitalism and people as described in more details in the book 'This Changes Everything' by Naomi Klein.


The land grab to extract resources - extractivism - appears at first to be only a sacrifice of the environment but the reality is that it is also a sacrifice of the people who subsist on those natural resources - clean water, air, flora and fauna -.

As I watched individuals being violated physically and mentally by forces - Forces at the servitude of capitalist spirits which only promise to take but never give to fulfil - Tears slided down my cheeks.

Change is necessary. This call for change is taken very seriously by the different protagonists in the documentary. 


The call for change appears to be in leaving behind the fear of death for protecting and caring for the earth and generations to come. 

The call for change appears to be in leaving behind any promise of reward and any fear of punishment from individualistic and capitalistic forces. 


Concept of reward and punishment are both immoral in the great scheme of things. Rationally, nature does not punish or reward, it evolves. Our culture based on capitalism is attached to those concepts forgetting that we are insignificant and nature will not differentiate anyone according to their status in society. It will just wiped us out from the face of the earth. This is how romantic all this is.


Humility is a quality that will surely help in looking at scientific evidence with fresh eyes, in listening to others' point of view and in trying to do things differently. 


Scientific evidence are clear. We have to keep it all under the ground if we do not want to experience the tragedy that would result from climate change. 

Experts, environmental, civil rights campaigners and many people across the globe have knowledge on those issues. A great number of them take great care and duty in sharing their observations and solutions with us. We are invited to just listen and make our own conclusions.

Each one of us is ingenious and adaptable, we can change and try to do things differently based on our thinking and experience.


I believe deeply in human ingenuity, sense of observation, ability to communicate and bring people together in order to build schemes based on rationality and free thinking. I believe that we are all capable of great things.


The documentary does not show a great deal of upbeat cases that currently makes small wins reality across the world but we know that they exist.The individuals in the room that evening reinforced my beliefs that they do exist as each individual shared the different projects they are building. They are not only created to allow sustainable change but more fundamentally system change. System Change will allow our culture to evolve to become more adaptable and in phase with what make the essence of our earth system.


Yes, something can be created out of Nothing, this is the essence of it all. Our ingenious humility can be the change we need. It is one step to accept that each of us can be the change we want to see in the world and This changes everything.


Marie, New Parks Leicester. Involved with Footpaths, Leicester Fixers and Enlightened Thursday in Leicester. To contact her, check the list of events