If you are on this page today, you have probably been called or received an email by a friend to check the site, you have seen a link on Facebook or Twitter or you have searched us on google! Whatever the reason, it is great to have you!

Today is the official launch of Green Festival of Making and Mending. Leicester Footpaths website is now LIVE!

We have plenty of activities for you to join in throughout the year. You can learn all about it on our current event page! If you want a challenge too, why not joining the Make & Mend Jubilee 7x7 challenge.

To get emails about additional Festival and pre-festival events as they are arranged, you can sign up to our mailing list by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also follow us on Facebook : footpaths/leicester and Twitter : @makemendfest .

Please share the words with your friends, your family, your work colleagues and anyone else who you think would be excited. Let's Make and Mend this year in Leicester and use our ingenuity and creativity to connect us to others!


Marie (festival organiser)

I want craftsmanship to be shared as a gift for each of us to gain the creative confidence to create a world where all is respected and truly valued. I want a world where the power in our hands is unlocked to take care and repair our possessions. A world where we appreciate the time and effort needed to make and mend, where we come to the recognition that having fewer possessions to take care of give us more time to be with those we love and all other fellow humans. This is why I am involved in the Green Festival of Making and Mending in Leicester 31st October 2015