I’ve decided to do this challenge because there are far too many things floating around in my life annoying me because I want to mend them but haven’t got around to it. I also have lots of ideas floating around in my head of Christmas tree decorations which I could make out of old tetrapaks, and I think it would be very satisfying to finally try some of them out, so here goes...

1st week 1st project: Mending a nightdress.

I have two nightdresses which I’ve been wearing for years. They are comfortable and made of cotton, and I love them. But now I’ve worn them for so long that they are starting to grow holes in a big way. So far I’ve just carried on wearing them as the holes get bigger and bigger, but if I continue like this soon they will be unwearable...so, at least this mend doesn’t have to be beautiful, just comfortable and strong.

So as to have the right texture fabric, I cut fabric from the hem and then rehemmed (they were very long) and used it to patch the top – it was interesting how much the colour at the top had faded over the years. I covered all the holes with 3 enormous patches so that the neckline still had some shape, and then semi-darned the thinning material to the patch as a strengthening device.

It took about 2 hours, but I wore it last night and it was comfortable and didn’t tear, so hopefully it will last a few more years now...and then maybe I’ll cut up the nightdress and make a pattern for a new one from it (and use any remaining fabric to make hankies).

It was great to finally get around to this as I thought about it every time I put it on in the evening. Now for making a tree decoration from old tetrapaks.


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