Project name:-

          Mending some bras

Project number & date:-

          3. Jan 2015

Why are we undertaking this project? What has motivated us?

          Do you know how much bras cost?? J

Materials used and sourced from:-

       Newwire   New under wires from on line shop

Length of time taken:-

          About 10 mins per bra

Total cost:-


Our experience of this project:-

We liked…

The satisfaction of repairing something most folk would throw away. (Yes, I darn socks too…J)

We didn’t like….

It was fiddly, and one wire escaped again. Making them secure seems quite tricky. The end of the ‘escapee’ is sharp and rubs sometimes.

We would do differently next time…

          Not sure – still thinking about this.

How have we benefited from doing this?..

Saving the cost of 3 new bras, and knowing we have enough for another 7 bras.

What resources did we use?

          Nothing special.