Project name:-

            Medieval tent tidies

Project number & date:-

          4. March 2015

Why are we undertaking this project? What has motivated us?

We wanted one for our own tent, so we can find everything. We wanted a tidy designed in such a way that at the end of the event it can be rolled up ready for next time, whilst keeping everything secure. If we can sell a few too, that would be great.

Materials used and sourced from:-

Used calico. From a funeral director. J Cardboard coffins are delivered in it.

Length of time taken:-

About 2 hours each one, once we had developed a method of making them.

Total cost:-


Our experience of this project:-

We liked…

That things can be stored in it between events; that it is quick to put up and take down when setting up the tent; different sized pockets for different things; there are 2 ‘side’ parts that can either be fully extended or folded (and secured) behind it for more personal things such as phone/wallet, making it a bit more secure.

We didn’t like….

          It took a few attempts to achieve what we wanted, so time taken.

We would do differently next time…

It evolved with each version. The one we have kept the pattern for is version 3, so we have already done things differently.

How have we benefited from doing this?..

          No more floordrobe! If we do sell some, then a bit of money too.

What resources did we use?

          Time, and a sewing machine.