New lids for our compost heaps.

Project number & date:-

          5. May 2015

Why are we undertaking this project? What has motivated us?

          The old lids have rotted away.

Materials used and sourced from:-

          2 Pallets from a friend

Length of time taken:-

          A couple of hours each

Total cost:-


Our experience of this project:-

We liked…

          Finding a way of utilising the pallets with the minimum of alteration.

We didn’t like….

They wouldn’t come apart, so we had to ‘fill the gaps’ with other wood found in the garden.

We would do differently next time…

That depends on the wood available. The compost heaps themselves – we have 4 in total, have all been made and remade over the years from reclaimed wood. Sometimes pallets, sometimes the remains of an old shed and sometimes just bits of wood left over from other jobs. What was done differently this time was to NOT cover the lids with roofing felt, as that led to the last ones rotting prematurely as moisture got in but couldn’t get out.

How have we benefited from doing this?..

          Used up some wood and got our compost heaps dry again.

What resources did we use?

          Just wood, a saw and some screws.

See over for the bins & new lids.

            That reminds me, the wheelbarrow has a hole in it too…..