Project name:-

          Raised veggie beds

Project number & date:-

          6. Jan 2015

Why are we undertaking this project? What has motivated us?

          They didn’t hold enough soil.

Materials used and sourced from:-

          Wood from an old deck that one of our customer’s asked us to remove.

Length of time taken:-

          A couple of hours

Total cost:-

          Maybe a pound or two for screws.

Our experience of this project:-

We liked…

          Altering our beds using free wood.

We didn’t like….

We would do differently next time…

How have we benefited from doing this?..

Raising the beds, allowing more soil in them. As we have a high water table, raising veggie beds allows them to dry out quicker an so warm up quicker in the spring.

What resources did we use?

            Wood, saw and screws.

The finished beds.

Indecently, the same decking wood has been used to make a raised path between the beds; raised beds in another customer’s garden; some planters for lillies and plenty of firewood for a woodburner. The deck also had a quantity of 3” x 2” wood supporting the deck, which we have used some of to edge a bed close to the house where we grow salads. We have also used some reclaimed slabs in this, and some old trellis to make a frame for nasturtium to grow up. J

In the picture below you will also see some breeze blocks. This is a long and rather funny story, but briefly it is the remains of an old wall that got knocked down by a car. We are using these to raise up other veggie beds too.