Project name:-

          Medieval sewing box

Project number & date:-

          7. March 2015

Why are we undertaking this project? What has motivated us?

Fed up of hiding my modern sewing box from the public when we are at medieval events. We have learnt that it is actually much easier to have everything medieval instead of hiding modern things. So the motivation is to make our life easier.

Materials used and sourced from:-

A wicker basket from a second hand shop, some linen to line it some scrap leather to make new loops for the lid and a stick from the garden to hold it shut.

Length of time taken:-

          2-3 hours

Total cost:-

          I think the basket was £3

Our experience of this project:-

We liked…

Using something from a second hand shop and making it look older than it is. I have several tools I use for demonstrating arrow making that I have done this with too.

We didn’t like….

Conflicting info about the handle – it was originally on the front, I was advised to move it by one re-enactor, then another suggested I remove it.

How have we benefited from doing this?..

Having something I don’t have to hide. It is big enough to hold several sewing projects, so I have a choice of what to sew.

What resources did we use?

          Friends advice.

And here it is.