Marie-Anne from Serenity Eco Crafts wrote the following piece inviting you all to learn to crochet with unusual materials and participate to a creative endeavour covering her dear Dolly with a crochetted coat.


What is Dolly's coat/Plastic carrier bags crochet challenge?

Across next June till next November I challenge to meet and join me to cover Dolly the 2 CV with crocheted inches square of yarned plastic bags.




What is the benefit for you to join the the plastic carrier bags challenge?

It is the opportunity to learn or practice or rediscover a traditional skill, using and recycling household waste material. It is the opportunity to be able to say:" Yep that was MAD, but I took part and you see that square on the top left corner of the boot lid? Well, it's mine. That year I learnt a skill that I used for other things since and that I shared with family and friends later."


Dollycrochet challenge



Why using carrier bags for the challenge?

I selected using carrier bag from house hold waste because the more carrier bags we reuse or up cycle, it's less carrier bags on their to the land fill or left for Mother Nature to deal with ( rivers, sea, trees...). You may have seen  the "Yarn bombing" activity or vehicle covered with knitted wool. I just feel that wool could be use for other objectives than covering trees, buildings or vehicles. Behind using carrier bag is also the concept of, what else can we use to make what: accessories, useful items for the household or motoring?


Why crochet and not knitting?

I use more easily crochet than knitting because I find it more versatile. I know we can knit a circle but it's easier with a crochet hook.

I also find that you can crochet about every where in the difference that long knitting needle may be an obstacle.






Why Dolly?

Dolly is a 1989 car to who I offered a second leaf of life. I love driving and I can't see my life with out her. Dolly is my way to be greener. However compare to her elder on a yearly Citroen Rally parade, she is not that old and my first idea was to do something different, a tad wilde to bring attention to her even though she is a young "Vintage Vehicle". It's also the idea that if this rather big project is possible, what else can be achieved on a day to day base: footwear, garments, accessories? 



Get in touch and let's have a chin wag or just turn up on the day with preferably a crochet hook, carrier bags and your friends and family and let's offer Dolly her coat.

Keep watching the Green Festival of Making and Mending website for information on dates and places plus my facebook page : Serenity Eco Crafts


Marie-Anne Nogues from Serenity Eco Crafts