• Transition Leicester is a network of local people taking practical action to make Leicester into a thriving, resilient and low-carbon city.

  • The aim of the project is to work as a Community to provide fresh, healthy, traceable, vegetable produce, with care for each other, creating a model of resilient and sustainable food production.

  • Our current financial system has left us with the highest personal debt in history, unaffordable housing, worsening inequality, high unemployment and banks that are subsidised and underwritten with taxpayers’ money. We believe that these problems have a common root: money.

  • We are a co-op providing facilitation, mediation, consensus building and training to community activists and co-operatives across the UK, and to those organisations that support activism in all its forms.

  • Among many other things Ruth teaches basic and advanced sewing skills including darning, mending, dressmaking and embroidery.

  • A space in Leicester where people interested in mending (and making) digital, electronic and mechanical objects can come to learn from each other, and work in company on their own or other people's projects.

  • The Ethical Consumer provides a sophisticated and simple ethical rating system to give you the information you need to make ethical buying decisions, based on detailed research of over 40,000 companies, brands and products. Their information includes company involvement in climate change, sweatshop labour, GM crops, nuclear power or whatever.

  • International trade issues, agrarian rights, climate

  • Serenity EcoCraft teaches traditional techniques including crochet, knitting and arm knitting using reclaimed and recycled materials such as materials, cans, fabric foil and plastic bags transforming them into useful items. Workshops and eventss available. Follow Serenity EcoCraft on Facebook for more information.

  • An exciting social enterprise on an environmental mission with huge social benefits! In the UK, an estimated 15 million tons of food is discarded every year, most of which is perfectly edible yet ends up in landfill. At the same time there are over 4.7 million people suffering from food poverty. This is where The Real Junk Food Project come in. It intercepts edible food at point of disposal and serves it to the public on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis. To find out more about the Leicester group: https://www.facebook.com/trjfpleics

  • The Crafty Sew and So shop opens in St Martins Square in Sep 2015 and sells fabric, haberdashery, Brother sewing machines, independent patterns and sewing workshops for all levels of experience.

  • The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills.

Back by popular demand due to the previous one being booked out. If you'd like to learn how to make comfortable, functional washable sanitary towels from old fabric, then come and join us. We'll be sewing by hand (although you could do it by machine if your sewing machine is versatile).

Getting involved in Footpaths.

There are various ways in which you can get involved in Footpaths if you'd like to. These range from taking part in a Footpaths course (8 meetings) to volunteering on Footpaths stalls to encouraging people to take part in a Footpaths course to becoming a Footpaths faciliatator. Alternatively you could just go on our email list and come to Footpaths events when they interest you.

Please use the links below to tell us what you'd like to do. We'd really appreciate your involvement and help.


Hopefully we will be online properly by February 2015